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We have become the official licensee of Disney characters so that are customers get a variety of characters to choose from, for their little ones.


Raincoats have always been such products that just fulfill the necessity but now with the help of the R&D department of the company we are able to develop a style quotient for our customers. There are several varieties with different styles so that people have options to choose from according to their styles. Raincoats will soon become fashion accessory for all age groups as we design as per the requirement of time.



The organization takes the initiative of bringing the employees together annually to share the experiences and to enhance the bonding between the employees. The expectations of culture and for the coming year are set through these meetings. This interaction between the employees and the directors bring the organization together to achieve a common goal.


We are the first in the industry to organize Dealers meet for priority booking. We are a company that believes in close relations with the business partners. This event lets the dealers to understand us better and to know our business better so that they can contribute well to enhance the market.


1st Dealers Event

Zeel was and will always be the first to set a benchmark in the rainwear industry. The company started with the concept of dealers meet event, where the dealers and distributors of Zeel gathered and shared the experiences with the company. As a manufacturer Zeel takes the responsibility of knowing about the needs and demands of the market which could be obtained from the widespread dealer network all across India.

The first Dealers event was held in Maharastra where all the dealers gathered and not only had a good time but were thrilled with the experience. Read More

2nd Dealers Event

This event was again the most anticipated one among the dealers, as this event gave them the benefit of priority booking. Zeel has always been open for the feedback and suggestions from the business partners and this only result in the success every year. Every year the Brand Zeel has grown and improved with the constant effort of the organization and its business partners. Read More

3rd Dealers Event

The priority booking is already an anticipated event for the company and the business partners. There has to be new attractions all the time to keep the interest alive, hence Zeel gave recognition to the dealers and distributors who keep on doing well in business and has contributed greatly in the growth of the company. These events are always held in different locations which gives everyone relaxed time to enjoy and work simultaneously. Read More

4th Dealers Event

The changing market conditions have given great importance to the priority event booking for the dealers and they get a change from their routine work here. These events are held in the best interest of the company and the business partners so that there is a mutual understanding and ensures a long term relation among them. Read More

5th Dealers Event

Consecutively 5th year of the event has proved that the company is in the right track of growth and has a strong relation with the business partners. The event was held in Lonawala this year. The duration of the event has now increased from one to a three day event. Now the dealers and distributors enthusiastically participate and contribute their constructive opinions for the company. Read More

Kolkata Dealers Meet

Setting the trend again and developing a chain in the priority event booking. The Dealers and distributors have now initiated a step forward to promote the products in the market and spread the awareness among the retailers for Zeel products. This event was organized in association and hence had caught on with other dealers as well. As per the ambitions of the company the stepping stone has been laid and the coming events will all be a step forward and towards achieving goals. Read More

Nasik Dealers Event

Nasik event was again one of the great efforts put in by the company’s esteemed dealer network. Huge crowd of the business people turned out to have a look to the product range and gave them the advantage of priority booking. This event gave the retailers to have a look to the entire product range that Zeel manufactures and then book from the same for the coming season. These events help the company to study the market demands and guides to direct the production and the research and development to give a precise result.Read More

Dealers Meet Event

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